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President's Greeting

Dear Soft Tennis family members!


Since I took office as President of the ISTF in July 1994, out Soft Tennis has become one of the fast-growing international sports with its widespread population enjoying Soft Tennis. Thus, it is now a rapidly growing popular sport not only in Asia but also in all the 5 continents nowadays as the number of member countries increase by leaps and bounds. For my next 4-year as the ISTF President, I will exert all my powers for Soft Tennis to be included in the Olympic program. It is also the only way for Soft Tennis to survive and start a new era of Soft Tennis. Thus, I will reform the ISTF to become more efficient and more transparent international federation, in order to support ISTF members. It is my sincere request that all of you take the lead and initiatives for Soft Tennis to be further developed in the World, then our dream of becoming the Olympic program will be sure to come true in the near future.
Thank you!

Park Sang-Ha


International Soft Tennis Federation